Advantages Of Using Certified Metal Frames

Numerous advantages for utilizing metal frames can be narrowed down depending on the industrial situation and its immediate requirements. The installation of hollow metal door frames will have a few advantages that favor its industrial user. The user should be further advantaged in knowing that his installations are going to be certified by internationally recognized bodies. For instance, the manufacturer of the above mentioned metal door frames, as well as the metal doors itself, could be actively associated with the Steel Door Institute (SDI).

Taking his repertoire further, he signs up with the Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association as well. And he joins the National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers (NAAMM) as well. His membership allows him to align his manufacturing prowess to the standards set by these institutions. Not only does he have years of manufacturing experience now, he is also able to keep his business up to date with new technological developments and its more refined materials, this in an era of striving for increased sustainability and a greater reduction in carbon levels.

hollow metal door frames

To this end, the manufacturer has the use of AutoCAD engineering systems to aid his research and development work.

Products designed and manufactured still need to meet the standards set by ANSI as well as complying with existing international codes. Products designed and manufactured are wide and various, catering for a broad range of industries. Metal doors and its frames are prepared to various thicknesses, ranging from 18 gauge to 12 gauge steel. High quality commercial grade steel is still being used. It is cold-rolled, galvanized and galvannealed. And it is necessary for the steel doors to carry fire ratings of up to 3 hours of positive pressure.

Fire risk management compliance will meet those set by the NFPA and UL.