What Makes a Water Slide Fun?

Sure, water slides can be scary at first, but once you brave the slippering wet slide, it’s loads of fun and you’ll want to go up their again! There are thousands of waterslides at thousands of water parks, but everyone has their favorite water slide. So, what makes a water slide fun and unforgettable?

Well first, you have the speed. Swimming pool water slides orange county are supposed to be fast, and a water slide even more so. After all, you catapult into the water at the end of the slide, you don’t make a small splash! That’s often why water slides have water running down them at the same time you go down, so your body is constantly moving and picking up speed.

Even the longest waterslides should feel like mere seconds of adrenaline before you are thrown into the water awaiting you at the bottom. That adrenaline rush is the second feature on waterslides, they need to get you excited and ready for what is to come. No matter how many times you go down those twists and turns, your heart still needs to pound as if you were going down for the first time.

Many water slides come with sprayers, jets of water, and other features that are designed to keep you anticipating what is to come. You might know that halfway down the slide there’s water being dumped on you, but you’ll probably flinch and get drenched just the same.

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Water slides are designed to be fast, heart pounding races that get your blood pumping and your mind racing as you barrel down towards the water at the end. The faster and more adrenaline filled they get, the better you feel. That’s the fun factor, because no one ever wants to have a slow slide.