Fun & Interesting Facts About Termites

Termites are one pest that no homeowner wants to see on their property. The tiny, winged pests can damage a home and its contents very quickly, resulting in thousands of dollars in damages. It is important that you call a professional to schedule treatment if you suspect a problem with termites at your home. The sooner you get termite control fort pierce fl, the sooner you can start to enjoy your home the way that you should -minus the worries and expense that termites bring.

A few interesting facts about termites that you might be interested to know are listed below.

·    Termites will die if they are exposed to sunlight.  Yu will unlikely see a termite during the daylight hours, which is another reason they can persist unnoticed for such extended periods of time.

·    The Queen Termite is a very busy lady. She can lay as many as 40,000 eggs in a single day!

·    Termites are considered a special delicacy in some countries. It is used as a cooking oil in some countries due to the high protein content found in a termite. They have more protein than lean beef!

·    Termites are not in the minority anywhere in the world. In fact there are more of them on earth than there are humans!

·    Did you know that one termite nest can contain as many as two million of the pests? That’s a lot of termites in one place!

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·    Termites destroy more than 7 million tons of different wood and cellulose matter each year. Most of the matter comes from the structure of the home, but termites eat trees sometimes, too!

·    Termites carry bacteria in their stomach. This bacteria forms due to the termites eating other termite fecal matter. They must eat the fecal matter before consuming cellulose. All termites eat fecal matter!